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Our history and foundation to providing high quality patient care.

The origins of Northwest Medical Specialties can be traced back to the merger in 1998 between Tacoma-based Infections Limited and Hematology Oncology Northwest.


Infections Limited was founded in 1979 by Dr. Alan Tice as a solo medical practice specializing in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Since that time the practice has added six physicians and greatly expanded the services it offers. All physicians are Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Though its physicians continue to provide general internal medicine services, its primary focus now is the treatment of serious infections and immune disorders.


Hematology Oncology Northwest was founded by Dr. Frank Senecal in 1985. Its team of physicians are Board Certified in a variety of areas including Internal Medicine, Oncology and Hematology. Though the physicians provide general internal medicine services, the practice’s primary focus is the treatment of cancer in both the hospital and outpatient setting. Its physicians are active in cancer research and established, in tandem with St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma Washington’s only bone marrow transplantation program.


The partnership of Infections Limited and Hematology Oncology Northwest facilitated the introduction of a “new line” of medical services in the Tacoma area, namely the provision of integrated cancer treatment and infectious diseases services in the same physician clinic.

Merging the operations of both practices has had a synergistic effect beneficial to both medical groups with the creation of internal economies of scale to improve operating efficiencies. This is particularly relevant for medical practices offering infusion, ad-mix and clinical laboratory services. All of these services require significant investment of state-of-the-art technology. Consequently, providing these services results in high, fixed overhead costs, which are independent of patient volumes. Combining patient volumes of the two practices has resulted in a reduction of fixed overhead costs per patient. This strengthens the ability of NWMS to continue to provide high quality, cost-effective care while competitors contemplate “cutting corners” on patient care in response to shrinking reimbursement.


The most recent change was the addition of Rainier Hematology-Oncology in March of 2007. Rainier Hematology-Oncology was established as a solo private practice by Dr. Ron Goldberg in 1989. Dr. Richard “Dick” Ostenson joined them in 1990, and Dr. Robert McCroskey in 1991.   It became a part of Good Samaritan Hospital in 1991 and remained as such until the merger. The practice further expanded with the addition of Dr. Sibel Blau in 2001 and Dr. Andrea Rose in 2004. Dr. Goldberg retired in 2004, but recently came out of retirement to rejoin the practice in 2010. Dr. Ostenson passed away in December 2005.


NWMS founded Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA) on September 10, 2015.  QCCA started with 6 independent practices and over time, the organization grew to 20 independent practices with over 250 physicians, 1150 Advanced Practice Providers and other specialists.


With a strong partnership and shared vision for high quality community cancer care, the two oncology divisions of NWMS, Rainier Hematology Oncology and Hematology Oncology Northwest merged to become NWMS Hematology Oncology.


Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA) voted unanimously in favor of becoming a clinically integrated network (CIN) on a national level, making it the first of its kind in terms of geographic coverage. Comprised of 20 independently owned and operated practices located across the continental United States and Hawaii, QCCA was founded to improve the quality of care by marshaling the most effective therapies, diagnostics, processes and research in the service of its patients

HEALTH ALERT! For the safety of our patients and staff only patients will be allowed into our clinics and everyone MUST wear a mask. See additional information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


November 16, 2020 Update

During these difficult times we are making every effort to keep our patients and staff safe from COVID 19, we appreciate your patience and understanding with the changes you may have seen within our practice.

We strive to protect our patients and staff as much as we possibly can from any exposure on our premises.  NWMS has implemented a system wide policy that does not allow anyone in the building that is not a patient and everyone must wear an NWMS provided mask over their mouth and nose during their time on our premises.  This is to protect our vulnerable patients from the unforeseen possibility of exposure to COVID 19 which can be transmitted through aerosol droplets.  Sadly, we have had patients that have died from the complications of COVID 19, which is both devastating and preventable.

We offer a virtual visit option for family, friends, and companions to participate in the care of our patients through Zoom.  Our staff will assist you with every step of the login process and invite you to participate in real time from your vehicle or designated safe space in our building. Please contact us at 253-428-8700 to set this up.

The following offices are temporarily closed:

  • Bonney Lake
  • Federal Way

If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, please make sure to contact us via phone prior to your appointment. You may also contact us for any additional questions by calling our office at (253) 428-8700.

Here are a few additional resources as well:

World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control