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Patient Education

After a serious health diagnosis, we understand that patients typically have a lot of questions.

This section was created to help answer questions you may have about your health.

To assist you in understanding more about your diagnosis and possible treatment options, our online library provides helpful information about the most common conditions and their treatments, searchable by keyword.

We have also included sections that cover questions and answers, along with provide website links to numerous websites to aid in your online search for information.

Search Health Library

To search the entire patient education and medication library simply click the button above, enter your topic of interest and select GO.

interactive Learning Centers

Treatment Instructions Guide

Expain Patient Flyer

Nutrition Checklist

Meal Planner for Weight Gain

Fatigue and Weight Loss

Difficulty Eating

Browse our library of medical conditions and treatments.
Cancer | Cancer FAQs

A body map to help you find and learn more about your symptoms.

treatments Medical Tests

Learn more about your diagnostic exam.

teens Your Visit

Making the Most of

symptoms Symptom Checker

Your Appointment

healthy-heart Healthy Lifestyles

Tips on how to stay healthy.
Healthy Eating | Weight | Fitness & Exercise

medications Medications

Get important information regarding your medications.

Need Assistance?

If at any time you need additional assistance, please call us at (253) 428-8700, or contact one of our clinics directly.

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