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Benefits of Clinical Trials

There are significant benefits of enrolling  in a clinical trial at Northwest Medical Specialties and they include:

  • Access to treatments and drugs not widely available
  • Careful monitoring and evaluating throughout the trial. Additional tests and visits to the office may be required during the trial
  • More active role in your health care treatment
  • Help the future of cancer treatment by developing new treatment regimens

Although participating in a clinical trial gives you access to cutting-edge cancer treatment, there are a few risks. And they include:

  • New treatment and drugs may have side-effects not yet realized by doctors.
  • No guarantee drugs from the trial will be effective in your treatment.

Please discuss your options with your physician and if you have any questions, please contact our Research Department.

The research staff at Northwest Medical Specialties will answer any questions you have relative to specific trials so you can make an informed decision to participate or not.

Click here to view our current clinical trials.