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Cancer Treatment Services in Tacoma

We believe in treating patients like family.

Northwest Medical Specialties provides South Sound residents with compassionate, experienced and innovative medical care and treatment in oncology and hematology.

At NWMS we have the reputation of treating our patients like family. We are dedicated to providing excellent patient care by incorporating individual patient needs into compassionate, high-quality and cost-effective medical treatment. Services are provided outside the confines of the hospital setting whenever possible, allowing patients to experience their treatment in a warm and relaxing environment. We are also committed to advancing medical treatment through research and are among the regional leaders in clinical trials.

To help assist in the healing process, we understand that achieving and maintaining health requires more than just medications and medical treatments. Our physicians work closely with health care providers to coordinate patient care. Patients can research their diagnosis by visiting our Resources and Links section. We also sponsor classes in exercise and nutrition and offer support groups for patients and their families. Financial counseling services are also available.

Specialized Cancer Treatments

Oncology and Hematology

Our oncology/hematology patients can expect comprehensive cancer care and treatment delivered in a caring and comfortable environment by our network of dedicated staff at Hematology Oncology Northwest and Rainier Hematology-Oncology.

Comfort Therapy Program

Comfort therapies, also called “complementary” or “adjunct” therapies, are non-medical, non-invasive approaches to providing comfort that work side by side with conventional medical care.

Support Services

Northwest Medical Specialties offers a variety of support services to help patients and their care team through the difficult journey of cancer and recovery. We offer empowering resources such as cancer support groups, social work services, and patient navigators.

Medication Dispensing

We understand that undergoing treatment for your condition can be unsettling and time-consuming. In order to provide excellent service and convenience for our patient, Northwest Medical Specialties offers its patients in-office dispensing of select medications.

Naturopathic Services

Northwest Medical Specialties is proud to provide their patients with naturopathic services at our office in Tacoma and Puyallup.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer patients and survivors often face painful, function-limiting consequences brought on by acute treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery.

Precision Medicine

Northwest Medical Specialties, PLLC offers personalized cancer care through the use of Precision Medicine.


Northwest Medical Specialties, PLLC now providing telehealth appointments as an alternative to in-office visits. We utilize Doxy.Me and Zoom to conduct our telehealth appointments.


Theranostics in oncology is a cutting-edge approach that combines the fields of therapeutics and diagnostics to revolutionize cancer treatment.