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Cancer Clinical Trials in Tacoma, WA

What is a Clinical Trial?

All new cancer treatments must first be tested in clinical trials. Clinical trials evaluate new drugs that are not yet approved by the FDA,  or test new uses for drugs that have already been approved. They also evaluate new combinations of existing drugs and treatments, different dosages of approved drugs, or find the best time to begin using a drug or  treatment

If you volunteer for a clinical trial you will be monitored more frequently and receive more attention due to your participation. You will receive either the treatment under investigation or the best available standard treatment.  A placebo is only used if no standard treatments exist.  Your participation will benefit all cancer patients because it will contribute to what we know about the disease

The clinical trials offered at Northwest Medical Specialties are carefully selected to provide a wider variety of treatment options for our patient population. Most of our clinical trials are available at all NWMS locations.  Our Research Department is made up of experienced professionals dedicated to providing excellent patient care.

Ask your doctor about clinical trials and see if he or she thinks this is an option for you.  Volunteering for a clinical trial is a big step.  Think about  it carefully and ask questions. Members of the Research Department are available to address your concerns.

For More Information

For more information about clinical trials please refer to the following links: