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Speak to a Nurse today.

Call Us First!

Not feeling well and need to speak to a nurse? Please call us first to access our triage department, where a team of specialized nurses are on staff to handle your concerns or answer any questions you may have.  

For the fastest response and best care, please use the appropriate phone number below:

(253) 428-8700 

No one wants to wait for hours in the emergency department with they are feeling sick.  If you call us first we can determine if we can solve your problem quickly and conveniently in the clinic without the emergency department wait and unnecessary testing.  With the benefit of our electronic health record, all of our providers have your health history at their fingertips to help with your continuity of care.

All calls to NWMS will go through our first responders during normal business hours (8:30-5:00) Monday thru Fridays. All calls after those hours will be forwarded to our answering service who will connect to the on-call doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.

Please call us first if you feel you are having an emergency. Emergencies are:

  • Severe symptoms (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Rashes)
  • Unmanageable Pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Changes in mental status
  • Fevers of 100.5 or chills
  • Falls
  • Chest Pains
  • Red swelling arms or legs
  • Painful urination or frequency
  • Unusual bleeding

The first responder will ask you a series of questions to determine if your condition is life threatening. If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, you will be transferred immediately to a triage nurse.

If you are having symptoms of a heart attack, loss of consciousness, fainting, severe bleeding, shortness of breath, the nurse will direct you or your family member to call 911.

If your problem is not life threatening, you will be transferred to one of our next available triage nurses. If a triage nurse is not available, the first responder will take your name and phone number and the triage nurse will return your call the same day.

Call us at (253) 428-8700