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The NWMS Cancer Support Community Hosts Another Successful Multiple Myeloma Workshop


This week the NWMS Cancer Support Community team hosted another successful Multiple Myeloma Workshop!

During the workshop, Dr. Sibel Blau and Dr. Tony Blau presented updates regarding Multiple Myeloma as well as information about All4Cure. 

All4Cure brings together patients, clinicians and researchers in a common online platform. Patients share their medical information in the hope of receiving input from other participants (“all for one”), while allowing their experiences to benefit other patients (“one for all”). Their initial focus is on a form of blood cancer called Myeloma.

Learn more here!



Thank you to Abra, Eunice, Taylor, Caitlyn and Donna for their work on setting these educational workshops up for our patients! Don’t forget to check the events page of our website for upcoming workshops.