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NWMS CPAN Members Attend The 2019 Community Oncology Alliance Conference

This week NWMS attended the 2019 COA conference in Orlando, FL. NWMS sponsored 3 patients to attend this conference in order to advocate for themselves and other patients impacted by cancer. 


NWMS is the Washington state chapter of COA’S Patient Advocacy Network. Several team members from NWMS participate in our CPAN chapter and hold regular meetings and events.

CPAN was created in recognition of the vital role patients should play in advocating for access to local affordable care for all cancer patients. CPAN complements the work of COA, which has established a record of unprecedented success in mobilizing community oncology to raise awareness of the issues facing cancer care delivery and to become politically active.

Truly inclusive on all levels, CPAN is a noncancer type specific national network representing all members of the cancer community. CPAN members include patients in active treatment, cancer survivors, professional caregivers, family members, medical and oncology professionals, and members of the general community.

CPAN brings attention to the impact of Medicare legislative policies on cancer patients, specifically the issues affecting local cancer centers. Of great concern is the volume of community cancer clinics that have closed across the United States.


If you would like to be involved or would like more information please contact:

Abra Kelson (253) 200-3164 or