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Melanoma Excision Surgery
Surgery to remove (excise) a melanoma removes the entire melanoma along with a border (margin) of normal-appearing skin. The width of the border of normal skin removed depends on the depth of the melanoma. More tissue, usually skin and fat, is also removed from under the melanoma. Small excisions may be closed with...

Lymph Node Removal (Lymphadenectomy) for Melanoma
This surgery is done to see if cancer has spread to a lymph node. Some lymph nodes are located near the surface of the body, while others are deep in the belly or around organs, such as the heart or liver. The surgery is also done to remove melanoma that has spread only to the lymph nodes and to prevent melanoma from...

Basal Cell Skin Cancer: Should I Have Surgery?
Guides you through decision to treat low-risk basal cell skin cancer with surgery or nonsurgical treatments. Explains types of surgery and types of nonsurgical treatments. Covers benefits and risks of both. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.